Get Back Lost Data With Proper Data Recovery

We all are accustomed with the term data. In computing data are pieces of information which are designed in specific way. But sometime those stored data get lost or damaged. Thus there is a way to get back the lost information following specific method.

Data Recovery is the process of retrieving out-of-the-way data from damaged or corrupted storage device, or removable media like internal or external hard disk drives, USB flash drives, CDs, DVDs, and other electronic devices etc.  Data can be damaged due to either external or physical damage or software malfunction. But for both the cases, there are way outs to recover the lost data.


Data Recovery Process

General reasons behind the loss of data include failure of operating system, storage device malfunction, unintentional deletion or any accidental break downs etc. Thus to get back the data, one must consult a professional and experienced worker. In general, the process of Data Recovery includes four steps to make it successful. But it can vary time to time considering the type and amount of data corruption and necessary recovery. Let’s check what the basic steps to recover lost data are.

Step 1

Repair Hard Disk Drive: The first step of retrieving data includes repairing of the hard disk drive. It makes the hard drive to run partially or in any case in a condition fitting for reading the data from it.

Step 2

New Image Drive or Disk Image File: If there is no way to repair the hard disk, then the only importance is to getting the data out off the drive. The longer we use a damaged drive, the more we are prone to cause further damage to the data. Thus, to make certain to have a copy of the data in other external drive needs to create an image drive or a disk image file. This is a safe way to test and recover damaged data.

Step 3

Logical Recovery, Partition, File Stem Structure and MBR: As the drive is been copied, it is ready to try the salvage of lost data. Using the image drive, it is possible to repair the partition table or master boot record that read the file system’s data structure and recover stored data.

Step 4

Retrieved Damaged File Reconstruction: The final step of common data retrieving process includes data reconstruction. Actually, the most common reason behind data damage is use of a failing drive. If we create any file in a sector which is on a damaged drive, we first need to reconstruct the data and then it can be recovered.


Here we would suggest the readers to call a computer repair or data in recovering recover professional to take care of the data loss. If you are not a well-versed with this process then do not try it yourself. May be it affects your system more badly. Besides, there are a few tools available in market which helps in recovering data from several devices. These tools recover deleted files, email, music, photos, videos and many more in just few clicks.